Assembly 0778 Officers for 2013 - 2014

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Faithful Navigator: 

SK James Despard Humphrys                         Wife:  Lee Ann

(H) 919-366-2225
(C) 919-889-6481


Faithful Friar: 


Reverend Monsignor John Williams


Faithful Captain: 

SK V. Patrick Eagan                                         Wife: Barbara




Faithful Pilot:

SK Norman J. Malisos                                         Wife:




Faithful Admiral:

SK Edward M. Rogosich                                         Wife:  Betty



Faithful Comptroller:

SK Gerard B. Cucurullo                                      Wife:  Irene

(H) 919-846-2085

(C) 919-601-1270

Faithful Purser:

SK Matthew J. Stein                                                Wife:   Andrea  




Faithful Scribe:

SK Joseph M. McCarthy                                          Wife: 


(C) 508-244-9924

Faithful Trustee 1:

SK Terence Miner, PFN (Terry)                              Wife:  Nancy
(H) 919-848-9777


Faithful Trustee 2:

SK Donald Dubois (Don)                                          Wife: Mary

(H) 919-787-8354 



Faithful Trustee 3:

SK Thomas Smith (Tom)                                           Wife:



Faithful Sentinel Inner:

SK John Harrod

(H) 919-787-8719


Faithful Sentinel Outer:

SK John Mezera   

(C) 252-299-0127 


Color Corps Commander1:

SK David Dubis (Dave)                                        Wife: Eleen 

(H) 919-846-2715


Color Corps Commander2:

SK Edward Rogosich                                             Wife: Betty

(C) 919-395-0060  


Chairpersons: click to print

Scholarship Committee:

SK Ronald C. Duffy, (Ron)                                     Wife:  Deirdre



Assembly VAVS Chairman/Representative (Bingo)

SK Thomas W. DuPree (Tom), PFN                     Wife:  Elaine




USO / Donut Program

SK                                                                               Wife:   




Special Olympics:

SK Ralph Guenther                                                 Wife:                                    


Grotto Committee:

SK Gerald Ryan (Jerry)                                       Wife:  Susan



Military Historian:

SK Carmine Sacchitello                              Wife:  Anna



Assembly Historian:

SK John Norkus, FDM                                 Wife: