Grotto - Blessed Virgin Mary

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Grotto at Father Price Council #2546.

This is a photo of the grotto that the Knight’s grotto was modeled after. 


In August, 2006 Brother Ken Growney suggested that the Council should erect a grotto to the Blessed Virgin on its’ property because of the importance of Mary to the Knights of Columbus. Before Ken past away the grotto was well on its way because Ken had begun the fund raising effort. The Grotto was completed in 2008. Paving bricks are available for purchase $50 each, engraving details and orders go through SK Jerry Ryan at or call him at 919-250-0260.   

 Donations for grotto and grounds upkeep can be made to Faithful Comptroller Jerry Cucurullo, contact him for details    

On behalf of the Assembly and all who will use this Grotto, I thank you.


Vivat Jesus,

Jim Humphrys
Faithful Navigator
Bishop McGuinness Assembly 0778
Raleigh, N C